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Expanding Horizons Programs 2023-2024

Please see below for the EHP 2023-2024 Applications:

1:  EHP Application 2023 – Returning Students This is for those students who have done EHP in the past and the due date is September 5.  Classes will start later that week.

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2:  EHP Application VEX and Mind Puzzles  This is for those who may have been in EHP or wanting to do EHP for VEX (grades 7 &8) or Mind Puzzles.  Due date for this one is September 29th, and starts on the 10 of October.

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3:  EHP Application for New Students  This is for everyone new to EHP other than those in VEX or Mind Puzzles especially for 5th grade.  Deadline is October 25th and we will start the second day of the second quarter.  

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Email Mrs. Brezovec if you have any questions.  mbrezovec@conval.edu