Expanding Horizon Program

Expanding Horizon Program (EHP)

Students who have done an EHP class in the past may sign up to continue that class. The applications for this group of students are due on September 3rd.  Please click here for application.  These classes are wirecast/morning announcements, peer mentors, robotics, 3D and photography/yearbook.  Students who have questions please email Mrs. Brezovec (mibrezovec@conval.edu) 

Students new to EHP may join later in the first quarter.  Applications for those students will  have a due date of October 8th. Please click here for application.  Mrs. Brezovec will be talking with the students in the first few days of school about EHP and hand out applications.  The classes being offered will be:  simple machines, photography, wirecast/morning announcements and 3D.  Students will miss one or two class periods of their regular classes for EHP.  It is expected that students make up the work of the missed class.  Teachers will need to sign off for the classes that the students will be missing.

Thank You!