Expanding Horizon Program

Expanding Horizon Program

EHP is very fun and interesting and all grades can join. For the first quarter students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade can join. Fifth grade can join simple machines, web casting, and newspaper for the second quarter. In sixth and seventh grade you can join all of the classes and mind puzzles as well. In newspaper you find topics about in school activities and write about them. You can also take pictures of the activity and put it in the page. Everyone’s work comes together and makes an awesome informational newspaper about SMS.

In simple machines you follow a set of direction to build a LEGO creation. After simple machines you take mechanical engineering and then onto robotics.  The competition team stays after almost every day to work towards the competition in November.

If you join web casting in fifth grade you can make graphic slides for the morning announcements and learn about what you will do as a part of web casting. In sixth, seventh, and eighth grade you will take on new responsibilities like finding music for the announcements and being part of the wire cast and actually announcing in the morning on camera.

The last class is mind puzzles. In this class you play games that challenge you to complete the task in the game. There are many games you play by yourself and some that you play in a group.

EHP has many choices of what you can do and in each class you learn skills you didn’t know before.

Please click here to view the entire EHP website.

Thank You!

EHP applications for Quarter 2 are now ready.  The due date is October 25th.