Featured image of article: 2023 Spelling Bee

Ms. Stearns held the last round of the SMS Spelling Bee on January 13th with guest announcer Ms. Howe. Since this was in the gym, the entire school could come together for the event.

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Featured image of article: Trout in the Classroom

8th Grade students in Mrs. Lyons Science classes are working in partnership with the NH Fish and Game through “Trout in the Classroom Program”. Mrs. Lyons and her students have received cold water trout eggs and supplies in December to start the project.

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Featured image of article: 7th Grade Mirror

Before the Holiday break, 8th grade students came back to 7th grade for a ceremony to celebrate a mirror installation. Last year, 7th grade students worked together to demonstrate school-wide expectations and raise funds for a new bathroom mirror.

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