Featured image of article: SMS Drama Club Starting

Calling all students interested in participating in the school play this year! There will be an informational meeting held on November 29. Before then, you can take a look at the Drama Club’s bulletin board; the production calendar for the year has been posted there, as well as the title of the play and a general list of characters.

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Featured image of article: SMS Picture Retake Day

Picture Day at South Meadow School will be Thursday, November 3rd.

To order pictures you can call: 800-220-7667

You can order pictures online at: www.hockstudio.com

Online Password: 0034462IN (note this is case sensitive)

Picture packages for those that have already had pictures taken should be received by 10/28/22.

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Featured image of article: Open House 2022

Parents/Guardians got to meet teachers and staff at the Fall Open House at South Meadow School outdoors. It was a great evening to enjoy the fresh air, great weather, and an added treat of nachos from the Pizza Oven.

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