Featured image of article: Fantasy Creatures

SMS 5th & 6th Grade students create fantasy creatures in Art.

First they used their creativity to imagine the creatures. Next they used their artistic talents to bring them to life using paper mache, feathers, colorful paint, and of course “googly” eyes.

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Featured image of article: Dress for Success

To fully enjoy the opportunity of outside learning in the new tents at SMS, as a reminder students should be sure to have weather appropriate clothing. Can’t go wrong with cold weather gear!

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Featured image of article: SMS Fall 2020 Reopening Plan

Dear SMS Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for all your support during these challenging times for everyone.  As you look over the plans for the upcoming school year, please know that we will be working on many areas as we gather more information about how to manage the virus.

Our number one goal is to make sure that we have a safe environment for our students and staff.

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Featured image of article: 7th Grade Science Project

Even with remote learning, students in Mrs. Norby’s 7th Grade Science class were still able to complete Rube Goldberg machines as a science project. These machines complete a simple task in a complex way using four to six simple machines and at least six steps. Though they did not get to have their showcase in the school,

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