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Important Forms:

Medication Form

Over The Counter Medication permission

Emergency Allergy- Epipen

Inhaler Self Admin

Special Diet Needs

2019-2020 A note From the Health Office:


It is the Conval School District policy that no student is permitted to bring medication to school without the parent consent form being completed and on file with the nurse. If your student is required to have a prescription such as an Epipen or Inhaler at school, then parents must provide the Dr.’s order and complete a medication administration consent form with the nurse to keep the student’s file current and staff aware of the prescription orders.

The weather will become colder as winter is approaching…please send your child to school with appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

ILLNESS/ABSENCES: Please contact the school office in the morning if your child is to be absent and inform them why he/she will not be attending. We are coming into flu season, so please be mindful to keep your child home if they have the following: Fever of 100 or greater, (Prior to being medicated with Tylenol) accompanied by signs or symptoms of illness.( ie, diarrhea, vomiting, and a rash) Be sure that your child is fever free without medication for 24 hours before sending them back to school.

Ways To Prevent The Flu:

  • Wash your Hands thoroughly and frequently.
  • Never share cups and eating utensils.
  • Stay home from work or school when you’re sick with the flu.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

How Do You Treat The Flu?

  • Stay home from school
  • Drink lots of fluids.
  • Get plenty of sleep and take it easy.
  • Call your doctor for a fever or achiness so that he/she can let you know what to take to make your child feel better.

If I can be of any help throughout the year please don’t hesitate to call me at school.

Tricia Harris  603-924-7105 ext 1246 FAX: 603-924-2064


The South Meadow School Nurse is a Registered Nurse, licensed by the State of New Hampshire, who advocates for children’s health in the educational setting. The goal of the health office is to advance the well being and academic success of our students, and to help prepare them for a productive and healthy future.

Healthy students are more able to be successful in every aspect of one’s school and home life. The health office encourages students to develop healthy eating habits, get sufficient sleep, see their health care provider and dentist regularly, practice good hygiene and wear appropriate clothing for our variable New England weather.

The School Nurse provides health services to students, including creating Individualize Health Plans, contributing to IEPs and 504s, maintaining health records, providing individualized nursing services for students with disabilities and/or health conditions and attending to illnesses and injuries that occur at school. In addition, she provides students, staff and parents with relevant health and safety education. Parents are welcome to call, email, or visit the Health Office anytime with information or questions about their children’s health.

Here are some key health topics of which parents routinely seek additional information:


Health Insurance

For uninsured children, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) offers a variety of affordable and comprehensive benefits, including medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs and more. Cost is based on family size and income – and may be free for some children. Vision coverage for uninsured children may also be available. More information is available at Or you may call the Health Office at 924-7105 ext. 1246 for more information.

Records of Immunizations and Physical Examinations

The School Nurse is responsible for implementing state laws and expectations regarding immunizations and physical examination.

Before a child is allowed to start school at SMS, parents must provide written documentation of all immunizations and a current physical from a health care provider. As a student becomes due for an immunization, parents will receive letters from the School Nurse reviewing this. You can review the state immunization requirements by clicking on 2017-2018 School Requirements.

As per school board policy, each child must have a complete physical examination within one year preceding first entry to school. The Board also requires physical exams be completed prior to entrance to middle school and again prior to entrance to high school. No medical examination shall be required of a child whose parent or guardian objects thereto in writing on the grounds such medical examination is contrary to his/her religious tenets and teachings.


The School Nurse may give your student medications with the appropriate permission or orders. Any student who needs to take prescription medication while at school must have a permission slip signed by a physician and a parent/guardian. Medication must be delivered to the nurse by a parent/guardian or other adult. All medications must be delivered to school in the original pharmacy container. If a student needs an over-the-counter medication, a permission slip signed by the parent/guardian and possibly the physician is required. The medication must be delivered to school in a new, unopened container. As with prescription medication, this must be delivered to the nurse by an adult. Students are not allowed to carry any medication. The exceptions to this rule are asthma inhalers and epi-pens. In order for a student to carry this medication, the parent and physician must sign the medication form requesting specific permission to carry the medication. The nurse will meet with the student to assure knowledge and competency of self-medication. All medication must be picked up by the last day of school. If this is not possible, please call the nurse to make arrangements. All remaining medications will be discarded. This information can also be found in the Student Handbook. Some over the counter medications are stocked in the health office and can be administered to your student with your written permission. The forms for different meds are:

To notify the nurse of your child’s basic health information, click on Health Information Form. This is filled out at the beginning of each school year and as needed with changes. This also includes a section where you can record medications your student may take at home.

For the over-the-counter medications permission form, click on Over The Counter Medication permission. For the prescription medication form, click on Medication Form and complete the highlighted sections, and your physician will complete the rest.

If your child has asthma or needs an inhaler, click on Inhaler Self Admin and complete the highlighted sections, and your physician will complete the rest.

If your child has an allergy that may require an Epipen or Auvi-Q, please click on Emergency Allergy- Epipen and complete the highlighted sections, and your physician will complete the rest.

These forms can also be found in the wooden pamphlet rack on the wall outside the Health Office at South Meadow School. This rack also contains current copies of Allergy & Asthma Today, a great magazine from the Allergy and Asthma Network and Mothers of Asthmatics. These copies are free and are for students and parents to take home.


Vision and Hearing Screenings

Vision and hearing screenings may be performed by the School Nurse. This may be done because of a Special Education referral, a student complaint, or concerns expressed by a staff member. Screenings should not replace the full exam of a vision or hearing specialist. If your child complains of headaches, blurred vision, or other evidence of eye strain, he/she should be fully checked by an optometrist. If there are significant hearing problems, an audiologist exam is advised.


The main reasons for keeping your child home from school are:

  1. He or she is too sick to be comfortable and able to learn at school.
  2. He or she might spread a contagious disease to the other children.

Because of these health and safety concerns, no child should attend school if he/she has any of the following conditions: a fever; a serious cold or cough; vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours; or any kind of skin rash. Sick children will be sent home from school. The School Nurse may require a doctor’s note prior to a student returning to school.

Sore throats are very common throughout childhood; however, it is important to be alert for a streptococcus or “strep” infection that can only be accurately diagnosed through a throat culture. If your child is diagnosed with a strep or any other infection requiring antibiotics, the prescribed antibiotics must be taken for the full length of time prescribed by the doctor.

Children may return to school after 24 hours on antibiotics and when their temperature has been normal for 24 hours.

Please remember to always make sure that the school knows how to reach you (or an emergency contact person) during the day, especially if your child has not been well. Also, keep in mind that handwashing is the single most important intervention to help prevent the spread of infection.

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