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Requirement to Participate in SMS Sports

Dear parents of ANY South Meadow School Student that would like to play a 2023 fall sport at South Meadow School, starting August 30, 2023.

To play a sport at the high school level or middle school level in the ConVal district, ALL athletes must take the Initial Impact Concussion Test. This test is not a competition and there is no score, but the test does create a baseline for each athlete’s brain when it is healthy.

Hopefully this will not happen, but if your child does receive a concussion that is verified by your primary care physician while playing a sport for SMS, your child would have to sit out practices and games until your primary care physician clears your child to resume participating.  Once the primary care physician clears your child to resume play, your child would have to take the Post-Concussion Impact test. The Post-Concussion Impact Test would then be compared to your child’s Initial Impact Test Baseline, and if it compares well, your child would be allowed to resume play for SMS.

Please have your child take the Initial Impact Test at home as soon as possible.

Below is the link to take the Initial Impact Test. Your child should be in a quiet place that will be undisturbed until completed. Click on the link, then put in the Impact Test Code, then follow the prompts until you get to the “start test.”

Ideally a parent should help your child get through the first part of the test’s demographics. The test asks for name, birthdate, etc., but also questions about add, headaches, dizziness, etc. My experience tells me many student athletes are not sure how to answer these questions. You may also click that you do not want to complete any demographics.  After the test is started, your child should be able to handle the test on their own. In the end you Do Not have to do any emailing of results. Just sign out!

All information goes to and is stored in the ConVal Athletic Initial Impact Test data base. You do not have to send me any information.

This test is good for any other sport your child would like to play throughout their year at SMS, and the test is good for two years.  If you child did NOT take the test last year, 2021, they HAVE TO take it this year. Thank you,

Tod Silegy SMS Athletic Director 

Impact test code: e30340cf98