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Grapevine – Family & Community Resource Center

Programs Gone Virtual:

~Our Better Beginnings Groups continue to meet via video call on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for Parent & Caregiver support.

~Better Beginnings for Babies meet via video call, please contact Nancy Macalaster nancym@grapevinenh.org 

~Hillsborough Playgroups continue to meet via video calls with parents and caregivers.

~Our Information and Referral Program for pressing needs and access to basic services is available. Please email our Community Resource Coordinator, Mackenzie Nichols mackenzien@grapevinenh.org

~Home visiting and kinship caregiver supports (phone, video, email) are readily available to any family who could benefit from one to one support. Please contact Carol Lunan caroll@grapevinenh.org 

 ~Parents! Grandparents! Relative Caregivers! This time at home can be challenging! If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, or ideas on how to support your kids while caring for yourself, please reach out! Please contact Carol Lunan caroll@grapevinenh.org

~Our Avenue A Teen Center is meeting teens where they’re at! Lunch table, Tough Stuff Groups, Creative Writing Clubs, Art Hour, Career Exploration, Friday check-ins, Yoga and Baking Society have all gone virtual! All programs are offered through Google Hangouts Meet (it’s free and works on smartphones and chromebooks). To sign up, email Jacqueline Roland, Avenue A Coordinator jacqueliner@grapevinenh.org or call her directly at 603.762.5000 Other supports available:

Volunteers and requests for help~Community Wood Bank~Community Tool Lending Shed~Distribution site for Face Masks for Health Workers~End 68 Hours food bags~ Free tax preparation with Larry Schwartz~ Winter Keeler continues to offer one to one mental health supports at the Grapevine

Please contact The Grapevine for more information 588.2620 or info@grapevinenh.org

The Grapevine will be holding a Virtual Spring Walk for Families on Saturday, May 9th from 10am – 4 pm.

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Avenue A Teen & Community Center

Please click here for Virtual Programs currently available at Avenue A

These programs include:

The Lunch Table for those in Grades 7-12

Friday Funday for those in Grades 7 and above

Yoga for those ages 13 – 18

The Great Socially Distant Baking Society for these in Grades 8 – 12

Programs for those in High School include: Tough Stuff, Senior Year Support, Art Hour, Writing Club, and Career Talk