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Basketball 2019 Tryout Information

Basketball tryouts for all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys or girls, will begin Monday, November 4th. There is no try out Nov.5th.

Below is the tryout schedule for the 2019-20 season:

Monday, November 4th, to Friday, November 8th.

  • Girls: 2:30-4:00
  • Boys: 4:00–5:30

* Additional days may be added at the coaches discretion.

Boys basketball players trying out should plan on staying after school until their practice begins at 4:00 and will be monitored in a study hall environment until practice starts.   Boy players must be picked up at 5:30 PM at the back of the school by their parents, not the front, or they may walk home.  Girl basketball players should plan on going home after practice ends on the late bus, walk, or be picked up by their parents at 4:00 PM. on the their practice days.  Parents picking up their child should do so in the Upper Back parking lot.

Try outs will last until coaches have thoroughly evaluated the players.  There will be an A-White and B-Blue teams for both Boys and Girls.  The number of players on a team will be determined at the coaches discretion.

All students trying out must have a parent permission form completed and in the respective coaches hands by Monday, November 4th. Please remember to have your son’s or daughter’s physician sign the parent permission form clearing your child to play athletics at SMS. This is a new policy.

Player eligibility requirements. Please open to page 34-35 in the 2019 SMS Student Handbook. The athleic eligibility requirement has changed since last year. Please look it up BEFORE the Basketball season starts.

All players trying out should be committed to playing on either the White or the Blue teams!

When tryouts are over and the teams are made a weekly practice schedule will be handed out for each team. 2:30-4:00, 4:00-5:30, 5:30-7:00 are the practice time slots.

All players trying out should wear T shirt, basketball shorts, sneakers with socks, and a mandatory colored mouth guard.  All players should bring their own water bottle.  Please do not buy your child new sneakers etc. until the teams are made.  School colors are royal blue and white.

Coaches: Mark Bemont A girls, Scott Buffum A boys, Kevin Morneault B boys and girls.