Grade 6 2019-2020 Welcome Letter

Grade 6 Team

Grade 6 Summer Letter    

August 2019

Dear Sixth Grade Student,

Welcome to the 6th grade! We are so excited to see you again! We are your 6th grade teachers:

Ms. Underwood, Mrs. Groleau, Mrs. Sipe, Mrs. Brophy, Mrs. Chidester, and Mrs. Weston. We are ready to get the school year started. The first day of school is Wednesday, August 28th.

Email Contact

Email is the best way to connect with your teachers. We want you to be successful this year. If you or your parents have questions or concerns during the school year, it is best to email the teacher or specialist involved.

Community Service

Have you had time for Community Service this summer?  You will need 10 hours of service in 6th grade. The forms are online on the SMS web site.   You can carry over five extra hours from fifth grade. You may return completed summer forms to your advisor on the first day of school. Remember, 7.5 additional hours of community service can be carried over to 7th grade at the end of the year!

Please email us with any questions.  We are eager to hear from you and are looking forward to a great year!

Things to bring on the first day:

  • Well-constructed and reinforced folder case like FiveStar or Caseit 2”

zippered binder

  • Zippered pencil case with pencils
  • Earbuds for computer use
  • Water bottle
  • Sneakers for PE
  • Snack

Note: You will only need to bring a folder and notebook from home when you have Health.