SMS 2018 Basketball Tryout Information



October 19, 2018

To: All Parents and Students

Re: Basketball Tryouts


Dear Parents,

Basketball tryouts for all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys or girls will begin Monday, November 5th.

Below is the tryout schedule for the 2018-19 season:

Monday, November 5th – Thursday, November 8th:

  • Girls: 2:30-4:00
  • Boys: 4:00–5:30

* Additional days may be added at the coaches discretion.

Boys basketball players trying out should plan on staying after school until their practice begins at 4:00 and will be monitored in a study hall environment until practice starts.   Boy players must be picked up at 5:30 PM at the back of the school by their parents, not the front, or they may walk home.  Girl basketball players should plan on going home on the late bus, walk, or be picked up by their parents at 4:00 PM. on the their practice days.  Parents picking up their child should do so in the Upper Back parking lot.

Try outs will last until coaches have thoroughly evaluated the players.  There will be an A-White and B-Blue teams for both Boys and Girls.  Ten to fourteen players on a team.

All students trying out must have a parent permission form completed and in the coaches hands by Monday, November 5th. All students must have a valid  pre-participation physical evaluation form on file with the South Meadow School Nurse by their respective teams first game.  We would prefer earlier if possible.

The pre-participatioin physical evaluation form is good for two years.  If your son or daughter is a sixth or seventh grader and had a physical last year the form is good for this year.  If your son or daughter is a seventh or eighth grader and had a physical last year the form is good for this year.  If your son or daughter had a physical this year it is valid for next year as well.

Players academic eligibility will be based on first quarter grades even if tryouts  begin before grades are out.  Players are ineligible if they receive a 5 in effort or conduct, or a grade of D- or lower.

Players should be committed to playing on either the White or the Blue teams.

When tryouts are over, Boys and Girls Blue team practices will be at 5:30-7:00 P.M. Please be aware of this time in case your son or daughter makes one of the Blue Basketball teams.  There will not be a late practice on most Fridays due to our Roller Skating Fund Raiser.  Blue coaches may, if the A teams are away on Friday, schedule and earlier practice in the White teams spot.  Girls White team will practice is 2:30-4:00 each afternoon. Boys White team will practice 4:00-5:30 each afternoon. Players on the boys white team can stay after school and be in a study hall environment or go home. There are no other choices please and the coach must be notified of your decision. Coaches will let players know if there are any changes.

All players trying out should wear T shirt, basketball shorts, sneakers with socks, and a mandatory colored mouth guard.  All players should bring their own water bottle.  Please do not buy your child new sneakers etc. until the teams are made.  School colors are royal blue and white.

Thank you,

Tod Silegy  SMS Athletic Director

COACHES:  Mark Bemont Girls White
Scott Buffum Boys White
Kevin Morneault Girls Blue
James Clough Boys Blue