Grade 8 Welcome Letter 2018



August 14, 2018


Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,


Welcome to grade 8 and the Sage Team. We are very excited to be working with you all during the upcoming school year. We would like to remind you all that eighth graders are required to do 20 hours of community service.​ You are welcome to complete as many hours as possible over the summer. Community service paperwork is available on the school website.

We want you to have a successful school year and organization is a big part of that. In order to assist you with organization, we would like you to have the following:

General supplies required for every class:

▪ 1 2” 3 ring binder

▪ Plenty of Pencils #2 (pens are not acceptable!​)

  • Pencil top Erasers
  • Pencil case/pouch
  • 6 sturdy pocket folders
  • White lined loose-leaf paper

▪ Highlighters (4 different colors)

▪ Graph paper for math

▪ Earbuds or earphones

▪ 2 Regular composition books for health & science

▪ Padded backpack or Chromebook carrying case

If procuring supplies is a financial hardship, please let your child’s advisor know.


You will find your advisory listed on the classroom doors on the first day of school. Enjoy your summer and remember to keep reading! We look forward to seeing all students on Wednesday, August 30, and parents for open house in September!



The Sage Team,

Sandy Baker, Mary Hopgood, Annie Keating, Meredith Lyons, Brenden Mayo & Nate Townsend