PickUp Patrol

PickUp Patrol is now available at South Meadow School

Click onto PickUp Patrol or log into:  https://app.pickuppatrol.net

Now you can send dismissal messages by computer or smartphone.

How it works:

  1.  Choose a DATE.
  2. Choose your CHILD.
  3. Choose a PLAN OPTION.
  4. Click SUBMIT.  That’s it!

IMPORTANT:  For plans to process correctly, select each calendar date in which a change occurs. (Don’t just click one date and add the rest in the notes section.)
The cut off time for dismissal plan changes is 1:30pm.   If there is an emergency plan change, please call our office at:  603-924-7105.

If a plan repeats over and over, use the Repeat Tool to speed things up.  HERE’S HOW:  Make a plan change, but before submitting it, click the curved arrow button, and then select each date that the change affects.  Then hit SUBMIT.

If you make a change and then plans change again, no problem!  PickUp Patrol will use the last change entered.
For added security, each time a change is made, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
Make plan changes at your convenience and submit them days, weeks, or even months in advance.
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Jeanne Bennett at:  603-924-7105.

To provide a better user experience for parents, PickUp Patrol has released a new app. This Progressive Web App (PWA) is basically a mobile app that is delivered through the web rather than from an app store like Google Play or the App Store for iPhone. The new app is available here:


Advantages & New Features of the PWA:

  • Easier, faster logins

  • Review and edit Default Plans directly from the app

  • Plans that repeat can be submitted as one entry

  • Quicker access to new features

Parents new to PickUp Patrol, parents who have not yet logged in, and parents whose email addresses have changed will be taken directly to the new app from the Welcome Email.

 Parents who have already downloaded the new application can continue to use it, but with the increased functionality of the new app, you will likely want to make the switch. Here’s how to get the update:

  • Open this link: https://app.pickuppatrol.net/parents
  • Log in and then add the page to your home screen. (Instructions for how to do this vary by phone and platform, but are easily located on the internet.)
  • Delete the old app. Any plan changes already submitted will be saved.