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SMS Picture Retake Day

Picture Day at South Meadow School will be Thursday, November 3rd.

To order pictures you can call: 800-220-7667

You can order pictures online at: www.hockstudio.com

Online Password: 0034462IN (note this is case sensitive)

Picture packages for those that have already had pictures taken should be received by 10/28/22. If you wish to have pictures retaken, please have your student bring in the package to give to the photographer. (If the students do not have this package, someone from Hockmeyer with Barksdale will reach out to you for the details of the order.)

If you do not choose a background (01) Gray will be selected.

If you have additional questions, regarding this, please call the school at: 603-924-7105 or Hockmeyer with Barksdale directly at: 603-974-0198