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Mrs. Hayes 5th Grade Social Studies Newsletter

Please click here for Mrs. Hayes Social Studies Newsletter.

The idea behind this newsletter is to keep 5th grade parents informed of what students are learning, events coming up, and reminders of important assignments and other miscellaneous happenings. The newsletter is created, designed, and written completely by the students. Editing is also done by the students with the help of Mrs. Hayes and our fantastic Technology Integrator, Theresa Berna. 

Mrs. Berna has worked with students over the last few weeks to teach them the skills needed to put together this amazing newsletter. Students have worked very hard and we are so impressed with their creativity, cooperation, and dedication!

PLEASE REMEMBER – the 50 states geography test for 5th grade is THIS THURSDAY, March 17th! Time is almost here:-) Thank you to all who have reminded and encouraged your child to take a bit of time each day/week to study. So many students are really doing a wonderful job and they are learning wonderful studying habits and the upside is that they are learning so much more!