Featured image of article: Reflections by students in Ms. Russell’s Art Class

Reflections by students in Ms. Russell’s Art Class

During remote learning, South Meadow School students in Ms. Russell’s classes are traveling around the world taking virtual tours of London National Gallery, Washington DC National Gallery, and The Met in New York City. 

Below are some typed up responses by students showing how art connects with language arts and creative thinking via writing reflections.

  • I loved the chalk board room – the lighting and space being within such an awesome space/LEDELLE MOE
  • Lendelle Moes art was called when and I do not know what it was about it just looked cool
  • Victoria Polmeros art was called bus stop and I liked it because it was very cool and colorful.
  • Sol Lewitt because I like the curvy lines. 
  • James Turrell because it is very bright and weird looking. 
  • Laurie Anderson is very distracting and cool to look at. 
  • Culeen Smoth because it is dark so everything looks lit up.
  • My favorite exhibit was the virtual reality one by Laurie Anderson. I thought that the combination of Art and technology is very cool and it was also very cool how the art wrapped around the whole room. On top of that the color choices made it almost look like a cross between street art and Starry Night.
  • Sol Lewitt because they make art looks like not overwhelming and not underwhelming it is just right
  • My favorite art exhibit is Into the Light by James Turrell. I’ve been there and it feels like your surrounded by light.
  • I personally like 2 of them, and I also like how a lot of the art had more of a modern feel, and wasn’t simply just a painting or drawing, and they were being more creative. My favorites were Gamaliel Rodriguez’s La Travesia/ Le Voyage and Spencer Finch’s Cosmic Latte. I liked the first one because I liked how it seemed mysterious, but cheerful at the same time with the pink colors and I just liked the overall feeling of it. I liked the second one because I love lights in art, and I feel like lights in photos give the art a different feeling. I also want to take photography classes, and I want to be able to create art that pretty one day.
  • My favorite exhibit was James Turrell’s into the light. I liked this one the most because the artist was trying to capture that light was more than just a source of illumination. He wanted to show that light is a physical object. I thought that idea was really cool.
  • My favorite exhibit was Still I Rise because I studied Maya Angelou in elementary school and she was a very amazing woman. The fact that people are depicting strong women is really cool, important and Maya would be very proud.
  • Anish Kapoor (I do not know the exhibits name) because it is shiny.
  • Maya Angelous Still I rise. How it is a look back at history. I also thought the painting of how complex the girl was with a different type of shirt and a hand on her head.
  • Laurie Anderson her art is cool to look at.
  • Louise Bourgeois because I like how he takes a object or stone and turn it into a work of art just by twisting and carving it
  • The SOL LEWITT because it was so hypnotising.
  • The light tunnel, because it looks interesting.
  • My favorite artwork was “The Language of the Forgotten”. This was my favorite because I think the point was to show  African American women hidden behind a man. I think that is very empowering and would have a big effect on people.
  • My favorite Exhibit was the BARBARA ERSNT PREY because I thought it looked very interesting from the point of view that the artist chose.
  • My favorite artist exhibit is Into the Light by James Turrell