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Teacher Appreciation Week

Hello Conval Students and Families,

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4th-8th this year. Although we have been away from school for a few weeks, we still want to show our teachers how much we appreciate all their hard work during the school year and during this distance learning adventure we’ve all been on. Let’s show our Conval Teachers and Staff , Coaches , Bus drives and Food Service Workers how much we appreciate them. The teachers and staff would like to see the students doing their school work from home, or making homemade signs and notes to say thank you. We can be creative and send emails, photos and videos to teachers, staff and principals and hold up signs for bus drivers and food service workers during teacher appreciation week. If for some reason you cannot get a picture or video an email note would also go a long way. We all miss school, our classmates and teachers and they all miss us too! A small act of kindness goes a long way. Stay well, stay safe.

A message from A group of Caring Conval Students District-wide