June 6, 2018

 Dear SMS 2017-18 Winter-Spring Athletes, Managers, Parents, and Guardians,

 I would like to personally invite you and your family to the 2017-18 Winter-Spring South Meadow School Athletic Awards Ceremony.  The ceremony will be held in the SMS gymnasium, and starts at 6:00 P.M. sharp, Thursday, June 14.  Please park in the back upper parking lot and enter the building through the Gym entrances at the back of the school.  

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Keene State College Student and SMS PE  student teacher Zach Shedlock belays one of his students up the climbing wall in Mr. Sil’s PE class.  The students were finishing a 5 day team building and adventure unit in their PE class.  

Mr. Sil belays an SMS student down from the 15 foot above ground swaying balance beam in Wednesday PE class.

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We are officially into the flu season so please be mindful to keep your child home if
he/she has any of the following: Fever of 100 or greater accompanied by signs or
symptoms of illness. ( ie, diarrhea, vomiting, rash or achiness) Be sure that your child is
fever free without medication for 24 hours before sending him/her back to school.

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