Keene State College Student and SMS PE  student teacher Zach Shedlock belays one of his students up the climbing wall in Mr. Sil’s PE class.  The students were finishing a 5 day team building and adventure unit in their PE class.  

Mr. Sil belays an SMS student down from the 15 foot above ground swaying balance beam in Wednesday PE class.

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We are officially into the flu season so please be mindful to keep your child home if
he/she has any of the following: Fever of 100 or greater accompanied by signs or
symptoms of illness. ( ie, diarrhea, vomiting, rash or achiness) Be sure that your child is
fever free without medication for 24 hours before sending him/her back to school.

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Featured image of article: ConVal School Board Update

Every March, all voters in the district are provided with the opportunity to vote on the budget for the following school year.

In addition, there are some items that frequently appear and require voter approval, including acceptance of the auditor reports, appropriation of funds for the various district trust funds, and School Board member salaries.

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SMS Hats can now be purchased for only $15.  Checks can be made out to SMS and given to the office or Mrs. Brezovec.  If you would like to purchase as a gift, you can drop off the money or mail to:
South Meadow School
108 Hancock Road

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Monday, April 30

Today is a B Day 

Lunch:   Chicken Nuggets, Oven Fries, Corn, Fresh Fruit,  Deli Picks:  Turkey, Ham, Salami, Bologna, Popcorn Chicken, Egg Salad, American Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Bento Box, Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Garden Chef Salad with Cheese, Chicken Tikka Masala and Rice Bowl,

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