SMS Kindness Week

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SMS Kindness Challenge Week of 11/13-11/17

This week is the week before Thanksgiving and the SMS Canned Food Drive for our Food Pantry. The SMS front office is challenging all of our students to a “Kindness Challenge” to show our Thankfulness for our community. “Kindness starts at home” and we want to encourage Random Acts of Kindness within our school community.

Starting on Monday 11/13, students and staff members will be asked to commit to at least one act of kindness each day for the week before Thanksgiving. We will have each student and staff member draw their hand on construction paper and list all their acts of kindness on their hand. The goal is one act for each finger. We hope that students will need multiple hands to write on by the end of the week. We will be taking all the hands and putting them throughout the halls to show our acts of kindness in our school community. The hands will remain up through the Holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas to remind us of the positive results of simple acts of kindness each day to others.

Our goal is a minimal one of 2,000 acts of kindness by 11/17 completed by members of SMS. This would mean one act of kindness each day by each student and staff member. We would love to reach 5,000 acts of kindness to more than double our goal.  By next Wednesday 11/15 students will make the hands out of construction paper in their advisories. We ask that they keep track of their acts of kindness on a daily basis to put on their hands on Wednesday.

If our school meets our goal, I have a special celebration scheduled for Monday, November, 27 for our students who meet the five acts of kindness. I hope that you can suggest acts of kindness that would make a difference in our school to your children, that displays our motto of a Caring, Cooperative and Respectful Community of Learners.

Students could start Monday morning with being kind to bus drivers by saying Good Morning or just thank you when they leave the bus.  They could give them a note, of thanks, for the hard job they have each day.

This is the perfect time of year to remind everyone of how we can make a difference in our community through our own Random Acts of Kindness.

Hoping for a very successful week of Kindness!


Mrs. O’Bryant