Good News

Monday, May 21

Today is an E Day

Lunch: Chicken Quesadilla, Cheese Quesadilla, Quesadilla Toppings, Cilantro Rice, Cucumber Salad, Fresh Fruit, Deli Picks: Turkey, Ham, Salami, Bologna, Popcorn Chicken, Egg Salad, American Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Bento Box, Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Garden Chef Salad with Cheese, Grilled Ham & Cheese, Chicken Patty/Cheeseburger/Hamburger, Crispy Tator Tots.

Recess News:
Outside recess for ALL weather permitting. If on upper field, please stay off the dirt.
When coming back in the building please wipe feet. Mike would appreciate it!!
If indoor recess is called:
Grade 5 – Group 2 in the Gym. (Mr. Iwanowicz, Mrs. Hayes, Ms. Kneeland)
Grade 6 – Group 2 in the Gym. (Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Koban, Ms. Irvine)
Band: Block 2: 5th Grade Flutes, Block 3: 5th Grade Clarinets, Plus Block: 6th Grade Band,
Block 6: 5th Grade Alto Sax, Block 7: 5th Grade Trumpets.

Chorus: Select Chorus

The SMS Baseball Team will play at home against Cawley at 3:30pm
The SMS Softball Team will play at home (Adams Playground) against Cawley at 3:30pm
Go Pumas!!

There are more free books in the library, stop by and see Ms. Stearns for more information

Yearbook Sales have ended. There may be a few more available for sale in June but will be first come, first Serve.

Community Service Opportunity
There will be an opportunity for 2 hours of Community Service on Wednesday, May 23rd right after school until 4:15 to help prepare Box Tops to send in. If you are interested in this, please stop by the office to sign up. You can either pick up permission form in the office/or bring in a note from home that gives you permission to stay along with how you will get home. (For example late bus or parent pick up.) If you have any box tops at home, be sure to bring them in! This program is great for the school!